Friday, December 28, 2012

The Ugly Pocketling

When having to rush out the door with a car service waiting for you, need to pack and don't have any extra luggage space due to airlines' new policy of "bring what you can in a carry on and increase exponentially the boarding and leaving time", you always leave something behind.

Curiously enough, we didn't leave anything we needed. Had enough clothes to last us for the trip, brought all the presents and made sure none of the bags got lost at any place during the journey.

But once we were back, I noticed a duck-like color pocket diaper in my night table compartment. I didn't pay attention at the beginning, thinking it was a diaper ready for use, but once I took a glimpse of it and saw if it could be put on Tiny Guy on the next change, I noticed it wasn't exactly light and clean.

It was all hard and scrunchy, and the insert, looked so sad and lonely, all wrinkled and yellowish. This is what happens when you leave a synthetic fabric diaper without washing for a week.

FYI, the ugly pocketling is a Fuzzibunz Elite. I usually take extreme care of my natural fiber diapers, but have found out that the non natural are actually, well, fuzzier. They have an incredible advantage over naturals when it comes to drying time and prize, but they are more subject to repelling and stinking than their counterparts.

Anyway, the pocketling went into the dirty diaper bag and got washed with the whole bunch. My washing routine includes a prewash, a hot detergent one and a rinse, followed by an individual hosing with my absolutely priceless high pressure shower hose.

So far, I didn't notice any difference with the other Fuzzibunz that took a bath today, but I've been so excited about a brand new set  that was waiting for me when we arrived, that I haven't used any of them yet (and they're still drying in the rack). But I'm planning on placing the ugly pocketling in the dirty bag for another 2 wash cycles, just to be sure. I'll be posting with the results.

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