Thursday, December 27, 2012

Adventures in sposieland

Between the time I made my last laundry and the moment we came back home it was one week exactly. I calculated one bag for each kid and packed diaper bag and suitcases with them.

I started suffering with the smell almost immediately, and washing diapers that I wouldn 't use for the next 7 days or so wasn't fun or motivating, but it had to be done.

During the trip it wasn't so bad. Of course there was an explosion the very next day that we arrived at our destination and I was fully unprepared to deal with stains. My uncle had to give me some bar soap and I had to leave the baby clothes over 24 hours soaking in the hotel's sink. Besides that, I had a few pee leaks and another explosion that ended up in the bed's sheets (he wasn't wearing clothes at that moment).

And, I know it will sound vague, but I missed how they looked in their diaper outfits. Disposables never will look fancy or trendy, it's like going to a party dressed in china paper. Makes me feel like they are in the hospital and have to get rid of everything they touch.

I tried to look at my options, and if there's a way we can stay in a hotel and CD at the same time. I looked up some diaper services, but the idea of having prefolds from 5 days ago in a bag grossed me out, plus the cost was twice as much as the 2 bags of disposables I got for my boys. I know I could have brought the diapers in the diaper bag, which passes in the plane for free, so that's not a problem, but I don't have any intention of having to bring detergent and having to deal with repelling issues due to the different water. I also thought about disposable inserts, but they're more expensive than the sposies (unless you buy one of those ultra expensive brands) and last but not least: flats! ehhhh, if my mother had seen a flat diaper then she would have had a nervius breakdown, I keep telling her that modern diapers are not what she used when I was a kid and bringing a flat, well, would have presented me as a liar, plus I have very wimpy hands and handwashing hurts them a lot, and the job is badly done. Add to it the lack of space to air dry in a hotel room.

I know I can just give pretexts, but I did enjoy the week off from laundry. It made me appreciate what I have even more and be realistic about how much CD I can do. Remember something, even if you use one single CD a day, within 2 years, it's more than 700 half-pounders that the landfill won't have to deal with, more than 700 possible explosions avoided and more than 1400 hours of breathing the baby's butt is getting.

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