Saturday, December 29, 2012

Night Clothdiapventures

Usually, when you do the switch, one of the downsides is the changing, which should happen more often than with the super duper stay dry lined full of SAP counterparts. Lots of moms keep thinking how are they going to change the diaper every 2 hours during the night, and opt to use disposables then and there.

Since the idea of cloth is opening options and not closing them, it is perfectly valid to go that route. For a while, I did that with my toddler, making the switch gradually (plus I could wait for the explosion before cottoning him for the rest of the day).
But when one of the reasons for the switch is the leaking and when you can't stand the smell, you try harder to find a way to cloth diaper at night. Is it possible? well, not for everybody, but it is for this family.

I started with prefolds, with the "runny poop" fold (closed and extrafolded at the front and opened at the back) and put an extra microfiber insert behind. It did hold on, and although I had to change it immediately when waking up, it is still one of my faves. I do use the trifolded prefolds for my toddler, mainly because he's so behind in potty training and I want him to feel wet. They work great, no leaks so far. But for Tiny Guy...

Why did I choose something else? two reasons: the wet factor and the bulky factor.

The wet factor

Prefolds are amazing. They are almost the most versatile diaper out there. They absorb like crazy, don't smell, don't repell, don't leak... then why are they not my absolute go-to choice? Well, as soon as pee gets into them, you have a wet baby. It is true that they can hold on to several of those, but for a person used to the dryness of disposables, the fact that the baby is wet means he is unconfortable and you need to change it. During the day you may think it is a good idea, but so far, I have not met a mother that wakes up automatically every time the baby pees and changes the diaper just to go back to sleep immediately. Since I don't want my little guy to stay most of the night wet, I decided to go to a stay-dry option.

The bulky factor

Let's face it, prefolds are bulky. Sometimes it looks like a whole tank between their legs, and, if it was all he's using, that wouldn't be such a problem, but when it's cold and you need to put on jammies, the prefold won't allow me to close them. No, I won't spend even more money on wool leg warmers, already spent more than I can afford in "cuties". I think on the whole idea to be something you can put on your baby without having a dog's barrel under your legs.

So, my next choice was, at that time, the only two Swaddlebees Econappi that I could afford ($30   bucks a pop!). The liner of the pockets is cotton velour, a stay dry option. It took me a while to figure them out, but found out that the best combo for my 2 month old was the small insert doubbled by the microfiber doubler.

It is still a little bulkier in the front, specially since I have to fold the doubler right there, but it is trimmer than the prefold and it lasts longer. I even have had explosions first time in the morning and they've held up everything. I think, if I only had one choice for all my diapers, it would definitely be that one. The problem is that, since I could only buy 2, they are used at night and I can't enjoy them during the day, plus they take forever to dry, so you would need to spend some $500 at least to really be using them exclusively. ehhhh no thanks, so much for savings, I can't.

Over these 2 months of adventures, I tried using Fuzzibunz Elite and Grovia AIO's for Tiny Guy. The first one has a very fine stay dry option, but leaks and made me have to go to the laundromat to clean my blanket in one of the 2 explosions that have occured since the switch, and the seconds are cotton as well, no stay dry option. Both of these types have worked pretty well during the day.

This option for night is my own personal experience and I've never seen it in any other blog or review, or even as a suggestion. This has a very simple explanation. Each person can only buy certain amount of brands and each baby is different. Each mom and each dad have to work with what they have available, therefore, my recommendation is very simple: try to work it out with what you already have, make combos, see which one works better on top or bottom. It is not as hard as some moms put it, and you don't necessarily need fitteds and wool.

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