Sunday, December 30, 2012

Husband Evolution II

´When I started this adventure, he would just play dumb. Since I had prefolds and medium covers, that looked huge on my tiny 6 week older,  He just made remarks about it and didn't even consider paying any attention to the fact that his brand new washing machine was getting illegal substances.

One day he confessed it was a total mystery  He didn't know what happened with the soiled diapers, all he new was that they were disappearing and, like magic, appearing again in the couch, ready for usage again and again.

Once he decided to change one, he appeared in the bathroom with a cover and a very wet piece of cotton in the inside,

H:  what do I do with this?
M: just toss it in the bag
H: what bag?
M: the wet bag that is hanging just besides your face
H: That thing? I was wondering what that bag was for
M: well, now you know, that's where the dirty diapers go
H: Could you move it from there? it's been hitting my head
M: you hadn't said anything before, that thing has been there for over 10 days

When the adventure started, I confess I was grossed out by the idea of leaving the diapers like that and tossing them in the washer. Therefore, since the liners didn't work and everything was getting through them, I decided to use my shower head as a sprayer (we have a convenient 8 ft hose) and got rid of most of the yellow matter before tossing in the wet bag.

H: why is there water all over the toilet?
M: I thought I had cleaned everything, nevermind, won't happen again.

OK, second choice, use a bucket. we'll hose in the bathtub and place the bucket on top of the bath chair.

H: my bath chair is getting moldy and the padding is losing strenght, there are marks of a bucket on it
M: Nevermind, I only use it for 30 seconds

OK, third choice, put the bucket in the floor of the bathtub (not good for my back)

H: Why is there poop all over the bathtub? 
M: What are you talking about, everything went into the bucket


So, I gave up and started tossing the soiled diapers into the machine and, you know something? they come out clean, and the machine looks sparkling after washing them. It just all goes out. So, for now and until Tiny Guy starts eating solids, no more hosing diapers for him.

Now, for the other kid, once I started using the prefolds on him, I went back to the toilet, raise the cover and  spray down. Takes 30 seconds to get rid of the solids, and so far no complaints.

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