Monday, December 17, 2012

My Biggest Challenge

There's something that can get on me regarding cloth diapering. Or, at least, did today. I can handle doing laundry every day (my washing machine can't handle more than 8 lbs and between 2 little ones, that volume is reached in less than 48 hrs), doing a manual extra rinse, hosing stools down the toilet, occasional leaks and the extra work of trifolding the prefolds and stuffing the pockets.

That is comparable to trying to get the stools down the toilet unsuccessfully, baby cloth laundry 4 times a day, standing half an hour in a registry to buy diapers because there's a hurricane coming, walking to the dumpster 2 times a day, having to see Shrek and Diego and all types of weird character's faces all day long and the constant headache due to the smell.

What got on me today is this:
(c) 2012 tiniguywearsclothdiapers
Little guy inside his brother's bed playing with my smartphone

I went out to work and he protested by taking all the diapers left already for his daddy to use in his little brother and peed in two of them, and unstuffed the pockets afterwards. He constantly gets the inserts that are drying in the rac and starts playing swords with them, takes his covers off and throws them who knows where and, well, I'm still looking for the flushable liners. On top of that, he had managed to get 3 days of solid waste while I was out and his daddy had left me 2 beautiful souvenirs in the bathroom to hose. What a lovely boy!

My only consolation is the fact that, just before we did the switch, he was spreading around his pull-ups as well and cleaning the floor with them.... So, in the end, going back to the old times wouldn't release me from my Botticelli angel's face little demon.

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