Sunday, December 16, 2012

Husband Evolition I

I have to say it, when it comes to cloth diapering, he's been more open minded than my mother. I wish I had Camtasia turned on just to save my mother's face when I told her I was actually putting poop on my brand new washing machine. I could see the flashback on her head from when I was a baby and she had to use pins and rubber pants, combined with the "I'll give you the $20 a week to buy disposables" and she has totally avoided the subject ever since.

But this post is not about her, it's about him. First time I introtduced the idea, of course, I had already done tons of research, here's how it went:

H:  Need me to scrub again?
M: Yep, fourth time today. Hey, what about getting some cloth diapers, since we seem to have to do a lot of laundry anyway?
H: (question mark in his face) Could we still have some disposables for me to use when you're out?
M: Sure, I've got plenty still, so don't worry about it.

When we had our first, he was the one scrubbing the baby clothes. He used Murphy's oil soap and stains just vanished. We didn't have a washing machine, as good newyorkers. I just left the recently splashed clothes soaking in the bath sink and they appeared magically cleaned in a baby clothhanger. When I suggested the idea of using cloth, he just said that, although disposables were not eco friendly, it was only a stage that was going to pass fast. We were using cheap brainds and the smell was driving me insane, but they were getting the job done and the lack of a laundry machine made other options not feasable.

(c) 2012 tinyguywearsclothdiapers
But this time, he just quit changing diapers and cleaning stained clothes. His health is not good, so I started leaving dirty clothes in the sink only to find the pile bigger every time, without any magic having taken the brown marks away. Then I decided to get a washing machine. Since it is forbiden to do so in this building, only portable ones were an option. We went for the Panda small twin tub, he decided to place it in the bathroom by having the door opening out instead of in. We drain in the tub, which serves as a buffer to avoid sudsing problems downstairs, and fill with the shower hose.

Once we had our dream washer in place, I immediately started researching and even buying and sneaking some stuff in. Didn't want to get off a budget, so I got plain white covers  and disposable liners, without telling him anything. It was only after the conversation avobe that I ordered a dozen prefolds and two pockets.

Now, when that order came, hell broke loose. You see, he claims he wasn't expecting it, he says I hit him with the surprise, he thought I would consider it first, and he ignored me every time I mentioned I had ordered them. Once I got the pockets out and showed them to him, I finally saw that terror look on his face.

H:  You mean that is a diaper?
M: Yep
H:   Sorry, I'm in shock
M:  I told you I had ordered them
H:  Yeah, but, really, I'm sorry, I thought we as human beings had evolved enough to not having to deal with cleaning poop any more.
M: Ahhh... we.... clean poop four times a day lately, what's the difference?
H:  You're not thinking on actually putting poop in our new washing machine, are you?
M: That's what the liners are for, they catch it and you can just flush them.

So, according to him, I was giving a step back in human evolution.....

To be continued...

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