Wednesday, December 19, 2012

Back for a week

Here I am, back in the old times when I used to change the diaper and toss it. We're going away for Christmas and this is a situation disposables were created for.

I had to do the switch in the middle of the day so that I could wash and leave all my stash clean. I haven't really suffered with Tiny Guy, but oh Dolly! my big one is reminding me every second why I took that decision  So far, he pooped once, I had to toss that thing in the garbage and although most went in the toilet, odor occurs even with the little lines left. After that, I put a new one in. I think it lasted dry some 15 minutes and it started smelling right away, my boy is so stinky I can hardly hug him.

On top of that, he has taken it off about 10 times, leaving it in such condition you can hardly fasten it (yep, it's a pull.up with something velcro-like to adjust the legs)

I had gotten used to just change him and now I feel just as horrible as before, I want to hold onto that thing until he goes to bed and put a new one then.

I know, some cloth diaper advocates are going to call me a coward to switch back for a trip, but I'm not writing here to please them. I' writing about reality and in my complicated life, there's no place or time to do laundry in 6 days, or even space in the plane. This is not about travelling with them, but about having to go back for a few days.

It feels like it was another era, another time, another house. All of a sudden, tons of garbage cumulate within a few hours, and my house stinks again. We'll see how it goes during the trip, have to bring tons of baby clothes it seems.

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