Sunday, July 21, 2013

Moldy Grovia: The Real Thing This Time

I traveled back from Mexico with half a stash of diapers soaking wet, due to my Grandma's slow system.

Once I arrived here, I put everything on my spin dryer, I was amazed at the amount of water that my diapers still had after an hour of drying attempts and unfortunately a Grovia AIO could not stand the moist and developed mildew.

So, what to do? Well, I washed it in the regular load, sunned it, washed it again twice with oxy clean added to the detergent and sunned it and sunned it in between those washes. Finally got the courage to use it. No problem. It still looks mildly stained, so I keep sunning it after every wash, getting whiter every time, but I have seen no problem in Tiny Guy, so it is safe to use.

I could have used bleach or boiled it had it been a prefold or an insert, but with AIOs, one has to be more conservative and be aware of the TPU that can delaminate in high temperatures.

But more than anything else, let's keep washing frequently, specially sprayed diapers in this exceedingly warm summer

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