Monday, June 17, 2013

Travelling Abroad

I've been in Mexico for 9 days and I'm staying another 7. I've used my cute fluff all the time.

My first reaction to the hot weather was of relief, that Tiny Guy can be only wearing a diaper around the house. Not only does he look outrageously cute (I know all moms say that about their babies, but everybody does say it about this one), but he can't take it apart with the snaps at all.

Then came the detergent subject. I assumed something would do, after all, only a detergent without perfumes or softeners is needed. Well, guess what? In all Walmart, there was not a single one, liquid or powder, with such qualities. None.

I ended up settling for Zote flakes, since that's what Mexicans use to wash baby clothes. But the diapers do smell. If I run a whole cycle in the washer after the rinse, the smell goes away a lot, but still, I'm using liners with Little Guy, just in case.

Next issue: poop. I'm used to my shower hose and my parents don't have one. So I have to get the diaper out to the laundry room and use a hose at the hand washing station. It doesn't have a head, so I need to creat the pressure with my fingers. But at least it's working.

Next: reaction. My family is completely ignorant about the whole thing. They just prefer not to comment, which is usually not a good thing. I don't know what they're saying behind my back, but if my boy's long hair is not a reason enough to criticize me, I guess they'll start with CDs as well.

All and all, I like washing every 3 days for a change, kind of being on vacation, which is what I came to do anyway. But I don't like having to babysit the washer because it thinks it's more intelligent than me. Let's see how the next week works.

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