Sunday, April 7, 2013

Mother Evolution

I think I mentioned before that I didn't receive any parental support when making the switch. In any rate, it took my mom to actually come and see them for herself. She started by not doing anything in the beginning to being a total pro at the end, so I'm very proud of her. Due to her visit, we went to have dinner to my cousin's place. He was another skeptic one, he kept saying: "too much work". Let me see: when I was using disposables, I was dizzy with the smell, plus changing, going to a toilet, filling it, getting the clothes out with an explosion, soaking them in water, going out to buy them, making 1/2 hour lines in the supermarket to get them before the storm, going to throw them in the building's trash once a day, spending hours online trying to score a good deal because I was running out of them again, filling myself with wipes... Now I change them fast, put them in a bag, throw the bag in the washer every couple of days, fill the tub, put on the timer, leave them, then coming back, draining, filling again (this time with hot water), putting detergent, setting the timer again, coming back later, putting them in the spinner, drain and fill in the mean time, repeating the last process, (draining, spinning and filling) and hanging them. So, I guess maybe we're even. With the difference that I'm not dizzy, my pocket is not dizzy and the kids look awfully cute. Oh, and I don't carry a diaper bag. So, give your mom a try, just make sure your pockets are stuffed before leaving the baby with her.

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