Saturday, March 16, 2013

The dreaded little hands

I've mentioned before that due to rash problems in Little Guy, I've been using disposables at night.

As a lazy mom, I say that anything that makes your life easier, do it. Well, I wish I was back using cloth then, because there have been some leaks, but on the other hand, I don't have to wash diapers every day and I got rid completely of the ammonia smell and the rashes.

But now, I have a new problem with Tiny Guy, one of the reasons actually for any parent to switch to cloth: his hands!

Since he's almost 6 months old, he moves around and has found independence to be his biggest ally. He can push himself with the left leg and roll, he can even stand up and hold his whole body in the play pen.

And yes, he can reach the disposable diaper and pull the tabs, so he can wake up diaperless, and take it off anytime. I have to literally wait for him to fall asleep to put it and the rash cream on, otherwise he'll last 10 minutes. I hope his brother starts using underwear any time soon so that the rash wars are over and I can go back to all day cloth with him.

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