Wednesday, January 9, 2013

The Minky Taco and the Grovification

After a full 2 day load, I was folding and stuffing while talking to my husband and having Little Guy jumping all over. We were going to get out of the house kind of early on one side and, on the other, I found myself in front of a Swaddlebees pocket and a Fuzzibunz insert.

I had already talked about this combo before. It works nice for a couple of hours, but those lovely minky inserts don't last long. I had also used prefolds in "girl mode" to stuff them, and I found out it is the right size of an insert for that specific pocket, in the smallest setting.

Having a mexican inspiration (did I ever mention I'm a proudly from Guanajuato?), and knowing in the back of my mind that there was going to be an adventure, I decided to have some fun and placed the minky insert on top of the prefold, and made the pad folding afterwards, leaving that insert inside the prefold tortilla.

Results? Great! what can I say? Baby lasted some 4.5 hours outside. He was happy to come back to trimland and slept through a Grovia afterwards.

On another subject, we had a non diaper related incident in the car. My husband likes coffee, a lot, specially in the morning. Since we didn't have time to finish it, we brought it in. It usually is never a problem, except that this time, he didn't close his thermus properly and after hitting the brakes, off it went, down his pants, the seat and everything else.

I was trying to help him cope with the situation when I remembered I had brought a Grovia AIO in my sling's pocket (I'm a light carrying mama). Well, we ended up placing it face down in the seat. Not only did it protect his butt from sweet moisture, but when we arrived, it was considerably wet. So now you know, it is possible to use AIO's in order to clean car's messes (will test for survival tomorrow, but no signs of coffee when it came out of the washer)

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