Saturday, January 5, 2013

Husband Evolution III

The day came in which I went out to work and babies stayed home. I had had leak problems with the Fuzzibunz and very recklessly I left tiny guy wearing one.

As soon as I come out of the subway, the phone call comes through.

H: hey, where is the Murhpy's oil soap?
M: in the bathroom, on top of the sink
H: it's not there, that's why I'm calling
M: I saw it there this morning (flashback: image of Little Guy taking the bottle and me taking it away and up)
H: It should be around, look up the window sill
M: Oh, yeah, don't worry, I've found it.

Of course, when you're close to being late and have to walk half a mile still, a conversation like that doesn't ring any bells. But when I was walking, a light bulb turned up inside my head. Why did he need Murphy's oil soap? honestly, I hadn't used it in a while. Aside from the incident mentioned above that implied actually going to the laundromat to clean my bed quilt, I had not needed to scrub poop stains in more than 2 weeks, that bottle was just taking up space and could be put back below the sink inside the cabinet.

After I came back home, he was ramping about how my "leak free" diaper had blown up from a leg. Fuzzibunz again (I'll talk about that little problem in another post). He told me how the baby had made a huge mess and left his bouncy chair all dirty and all that. All of a sudden, I see the bouncy chair all clean and dry, my husband wearing the same clothes and the bulb just went up to 100 W. WHAT DID YOU DO WITH THE DIAPER?

H: what I always do, left it soaking in Murphy's oil soap.


I may have started hyperventilating. I went to the washer and got it out. The smell of the oil was in every pore of it. Of course it was all clean.

M: Didn't I tell you to toss it in the wet bag?

H: I didn't want you to scrub when you arrived, I wanted everything done.

M: How many times have you seen me scrubbing lately?

H: mmmm I don't know, what you do inside there is your business.

M: How hard is it to toss a diaper in a bag? really?

H: What's the big fuzz about? it's cloth, that's how I deal with stains

For all the ones new to CD, every company and every seller will always tell you, do not use any type of soap on them. Use detergent, no perfumes, no dyes, no bleach, no soap. They'll try to sell you their own or get you to buy a special CD one, others will tell you to make it, that's up to you. But Murphy's oil soap has oil and perfumes and all those things prohibited. They create a coat in the cloths surface and repel liquids away, creating a leakage nightmare.

I still use that diaper, it's bright red and looks gorgeous. Maybe the warranty will be void. But I managed to strip it and it has never leaked again.

Anyway, that's what happens when you marry an overly useful person that did his own laundry for many years. Yep, he's adorable.

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