Thursday, January 24, 2013

My first ammobattle

When one of the reasons for having switched is the smell, having ammonia build-up defeats the purpose. My prefolds got so stinky that Little Guy would use them for half an hour and would be already dizzying me.

When you try your friend Google to tell you what to do, the options are quite a few. This is my nightmare experience:

  • I separated them from the pockets and synthetic fabrics and used a little bit of Dr Bronner's peppermint soap. Useless
  • I went against what the websites say and used oxyclean on natural fabric. Useless
  • I used a little more detergent and rinsed more times. Useless.
  • I used baking soda. Useless.
  • I used a tiny bit of vinegar. It ended up burning both boys' skin and causing the worst rash in History. and, on top of that, Useless.
I finally broke down and bought a small Dawn dish soap and stripped them. It worked. I may have to do it again when the smell starts being unbearable, but since Little Guy is starting to use the potty by himself (only when not using anything at all), I may put them away in a few weeks for a while.

That has been the biggest nightmare so far. It all depends on the detergent you are using, the water in your town and your washing machine, so one of the methods above may work for you.

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