Sunday, May 11, 2014

Flats and Handwashing Challenge 2014 - Day 1

Well, I bit the bait again.

I'm doing this year DDL's challenge. And I'll try to do posts every day instead of one huge one like last year.

Today's topic is a very complicated one:


As last year, I had a million reasons for not signing up. I'm not as active as I was in the cloth diapering online community, I'm home in NYC in a small appartment and I'm  2-3 weeks late in laundry since my clandestine machine only washes 6 -7 pounds at a time.

On top of that, I have arthritis, so hand operated machines are out of the questions, they would result in severe pain in my shoulders really fast. On top of that, I'm broke.

So, besides some self pride, I have one, and only one reason for doing this: I need to catch up with laundry. If I don't use inserts for a week and wash the diapers outside of the washer, I may be able to lower the monster down.

Just like last year, I did not prepare, but instead of using old sleeveless t-shirts, I'm using discarded rags. We have a couple of bags that I dug out of the closet, old sheets, pants, sleeves, etc. I can't afford to use shirts because of the delay in the laundry, every single one is either used, wet or being used at the moment.

And I'm using my stash of covers and pockets, maybe even the snappis. Some reusable liners are there as well.

I'll do the stomping method and give a little extra exercise to my legs, and will see what happens if my boys sneak into the shower. Use Zote soap, which is what I use all the time for diapers, and see where I land.

So far, after 2 changes, I have half a wet bag full of wet rags, placed on 10 layer pads, one on top of another, inside a cover or a pocket....

Let the games begin!!!


  1. Im in nyc and no matter what detergent i use i cant get my pocket diaper clean,they smell like pee.ive used tide,bleach,ecosprout ga i didnt have this problem using do you use the zote you scrape the bar?

  2. What type of washing system do you have? I have the bar inside a baby sock and aim hot pressurized water at it, then use whatever fell, in Mexico I get flakes, so I just toss them in the washer, just where the water falls (and put it in very hot)