Thursday, April 17, 2014

Why is it so Easy? 2 Simple Words: Attachment Parenting

Lately I've seen several posts from different sources quoting how hard raising kids is. The "no breaks and no vacation time", the "not sleep, not eat, not rest" rules do not seem to apply to me.

Every time I see someone saying that "the baby never sleeps", I go back to the brief week I had that situation. Co-sleeping took care of it. Not only have my babies slept all night since they were born, I am also able to put them to sleep if I need a nap. Little Guy is 4 and has an amazing ability to put himself to sleep whenever he thinks it's appropiate.

Every time I see someone complaining about feeding the baby, I get puzzled. I never do that. I never prepared food for Little Guy. His main source of nutrients came from breast milk, and then I would cook for the 3 of us and serve only 2 plates, he would come to me and ask me to share with him. He is in good height and weight right now, drinks about a little of plain water a day and eats with us, now in his own plate. He is also able to go to the kitchen and get snacks and even helps me with the cooking.. Tiny Guy is in the tasting stage still, upon request, he gets to eat whatever is in my plate, for the next 6 months or so, breast milk will keep taking care of his main nutritional needs. I don't have messes or wasted food and my boys are used to having their meals in a family environment in which the 4 of us are included.

Every time I see people complaining about painting in the walls I get puzzled. We never provided paining material to Little Guy when he was in an age to do so. He now knows the purpose of using paper and spends a good amount of time drawing in recycled envelopes from spam snail mail, as well as a magnetig board and an etch-a-sketch. My walls have minimum marks from his early years.

Every time I see complaints about supermarket outings I get puzzled. These people do not know about carriers, toddler carts and just doing it since they are little. Little Guy helps me a lot and never disappears from my sight. Tiny Guy is confined inside the carrier until he learns to stay close too.

Are my kids perfect? Hehe, no. They do throw tantrums and have a very destructive nature. But we get along and keep learning from each other every day. I just try to make things as easy for me on a day to day basis. It works. I have many things to stress about, but my kids' basic needs are not one of those.

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