Saturday, February 15, 2014

Brands that I Don't Like

Did you ever turn out to the sky and ask, can something get worse?

Usually the answer will be having a dog walk by and urinate on you.

After a very painful night in which Tiny Guy would wake up every half an hour with a runny nose, finally we got a little rest with him sleeping on top of me. All of a sudden, I felt warm and wet on my waist.......

Yep, the Flip had failed again. I barely use covers and if I do, they usually are Real Nappies because the Flips have a much lower quality and terrible design.

Which brings me to the question: which brands I really can't stand?

You guessed right: The most famous of all, Bumgenius and all its aliases.

Mainly it is the very poor design that never fits right what bothers me so much, or the butterfly taps, the deal is that I have 2 Flips and a Freetime and only use them when the stash is mostly dirty.

But what then makes them a good diaper and such a famous one?

They are a great company. They manufacture in the US and select materials carefully. Which is why I was very surprised to see the Flips so badly terminated, or maybe because my other covers are better in every possible way.

But then I got a Freetime for free. Same problem with design. It is the only one of all my diapers that is breaking apart, that never fits right and that I hate spraying.

Should you buy them? Be my guest. I am one of the few people that are not impressed and have seen great reviews from honest moms.

What other brand can't I stand?


Very poor design. Last very little, and if you don't have a dryer, forget it, you will get cardboard.

I should have returned those.

why do I write this?

Many retailers give you a 30 day guarantee, in which you can return the diapers that you don't like. I contacted them with the Kissaluvs and they suggested several things. I did not follow my instincts and decided to give them a second chance. Bad choice.

If you don't like a diaper, return it immediately, don't try to see if it works. There are several other brands out there that you will love. Believe me, I didn't get that bad feeling or disgruntled face with Real Nappies, Blueberries or Fuzzibunz.

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