Friday, August 16, 2013

My Must Have Item (Hand Held Shower)

Way before I started cloth diapering, my husband spinal cord got damaged and Tiny Guy existed there was this other life that lasted only 15 months. Me, my able bodied husband and Little Guy.

Back then, when life still made sense and I was not submerged in surrealism, I was being an average breast feeding mom. We did have some baby gear (we have NONE now) and we scrubbed poopy clothes on a daily basis.

Little Guy's explosions started to get out of control, one day it got all over his exersaucer, so that we had to bring him into the shower among the two of us and "hose him down" with our hand held shower. That day, besides creating a Dr Seuss poem about poop very similar to the pink spot in "The Cat in the Hat Comes Back", I realized that having a shower head in my hand could be very powerful. From then on, I stopped using baby wipes and would just "hose him down" after explosions, making my life easier (didn't know about cloth ones back then).

From then on, that was my recommendation, and if I didn't have it due to being away from home, I wold miss it more than any other baby item.

Later on, my husband's disability played a big role. It was impossible for him to have a bath without sitting down. We already had the shower, all we needed was a chair. But from then on, every time we travel, we need a handicap room with this beautiful feature.

Then Tiny Guy came, and with him a Panda washer and cloth diapers. It has been my sprayer and my washer filler. So, here's all the wonders we've done with it:

  • Get a full shower with special attention to very dirty body parts.
  • Clean a very poopy baby bum
  • Massage breasts to help removing a clogged duct.
  • Massage neck after a stressful day
  • Baby bath without a baby tub
  • Spraying diapers
  • Filling up washer
  • Toddler bath, including games and easy shampoo removal
  • Diaper handwash (great for rinsing)
  • Bathtub cleaning
  • Water massage in the back when being in labor
  • Having a shower without standing up (great for disability and advanced pregnancy)
  • Scalp massage for relaxation
  • Water massage therapy in hands and feet with neuropathic pain
  • Cleaning baby's bath tub
  • Feet cleansing without a whole shower (bath chair included)
So, if you're having a baby and still don't count with one of these little lifesavers, go ahead and add it to your registry.

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