Monday, February 11, 2013

It's Not Mold,It's Lint!!

2 or 3 weeks ago, I noticed dark spots in one of the FuzzibunzElite. It has a very light color (like eggnogg, cream, vanilla yougurt or something to that effect), much different to the rest, which are much brighter ones.

Anyway, I was washing and asked my husband if he new what it was, it did look like mold, but it was way inside the 3 snap triangles that I could not reach it, just in that place that access is extremely complicated.

So, the first thing I did was hanging it by the window and leaving it there for full 48 hours to get as dry as possible and as much sun as possible, I needed to keep it from growing.

Due to my limited stash, I had to use it at some point, I didn't see the dark matter grow, but it did not go away either. After my experience with Murphy's oil soap and having discovered that it would not ruin the diaper to soak it in, I considered that option, but decided to just keep doing what I was doing and take it from there.

Several times I washed it, it looked clean, but you could see the "dark matter" through the light. I used it as little as possible and always let it dry in the window for at least a couple of days. Same results.

Finally, 2 days ago, I took a different approach and tried to access the dark matter. It turns out it was not between the 2 layers of fleece but between the fleece and the PUL, which makes it much easier to reach. And, once my little finger got a hold of a little and pulled it out...IT WAS LINT!!!!

So I kept it going and got as much as I could out of there. So no, my beautiful Fuzzibunz are not prone to molding.

According to what I've read from Fuzzibunz and other gossip sites, the company has had  lot of manufacturing problems and has moved constantly. The ones I have are from Turkey. That means, that the PUL has very good quality, but the fleece leaves residues all over the place (including the baby). So what happens is that some of that residue gets trapped in this snapped area and, with a light and translucid polyester, it looks dark just for being opaque.

So, if you are as inexperienced as I am, and you are using Turkish Fuzzibunz, don't worry, it's not mold.

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