Sunday, January 20, 2013

What to expect

This is a cloth diaper and sort of parenting blog. Why do I do it? maybe because it feels good to state your opinion in certain matters that you feel other people would be overwhelmed with. But, if you want to surf around my posts, this is what you won't find:

1) Education.

There are tons of sites related to cloth diaper starters. This is not one of them. If you need to know all types  and have a vocabulary lesson, just google "cloth diapers 101" or "what is an AIO" or even "cloth diapers for dummies". My favorite educational blog is and no, the author doesn't know who I am nor is she paying me, I'm just one of her thousands of fans.

The type of education that you will get is stuff that I cannot find in any other blog (well, sometimes in forums) and I want to talk about, or share my experience with.

2) Reviews.

Again, there are several blogs that make reviews of the diapers. This is a very nice way of giving business and publicity to small companies and mothers, and if you want to see what others have to say about a certain brand, go on and google that brand with "reviews" on it. You will find what you need.

What you will get here is my experience overtime with specific brands that I use (ehm... like 5?) in different scenarios.

3) Advocacy

I can't regret the decision I made when I made my last click on Amazon aproving an order. I am, and will keep, a proud cloth diaper user. But I'm not against disposables or think of them as the devil, and understand why most parents wouldn't want the hassle of cloth and poo together.

What you will find is a lot of troubble I've gotten into since that decision was made, and as much facts as I can get from an environmental and economical point of view more realistic and balanced.

4) Rainbows and Roses and Whiskers on Kittens

Let's be real. It is tough. Not as much as handwashing  and boiling or wringing and scrubbing, but not as light as just throwing everything in the washer either. You switch having to go to the supermarket on the verge of a hurricane and a half an hour line for having to do laundry every day (well, when your washer is tiny and you have 2 kids anyway).

So don't think that by making the switch, magically you will have an extra $2000, or that leaks are a thing of the past. There's not such thing as the perfect diaper that fits all babies perfectly and gets thrown in the laundry appearint sparkling clean out of it and ready to use in 5 minutes, because I'll post all kinds of problems.


So, if you're looking for experiences over longer periods of time, adventures and husband anecdotes, be more than welcome to read all my posts. And be more than welcome to take my advice on certain things, but I'm not expecting to be a bible, just another blog with fun things to share.

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