Thursday, December 13, 2012

Why cloth?

I know, a lot of people will try to convince you to use cloth because it's good for the environment and because you save "lots of money". Let's face it, the environmental issue falls short when women have to use napkins and tampons for way more years than babies do (yep, there's remedy for that too). And, as for the savings, well, cloth can get expensive fast and there are plenty of ways to make disposables affordable (I managed to get an 8 week supply with a 75% discount). Plus, if you don't like cloth, you can get stuck with a big expense and investment.

OK, then, why, really, did I decide to take this convoluted route? Here are my reasons:

  • 1) I was tired of washing baby clothes 4 times a day. My tiny guy is exclusively breastfed and all diapers, regardless of the brand, failed to hold the runny poop in the back, making it a total mess every time he had an explosion, which ended up in me scrubbing clothes, spending countless wipes and having to go out with 2 extra outfits and do tons of laundry. If I'm washing poop anyway, why not running one load of diapers a day instead of 3 of baby clothes? There are way more options to buy and systems to do than with disposables, something had to work on that regard.
  • 2)I couldn't stand the smell any more. Unless you buy some organic overpriced poop catchers, all disposables come with perfumes, which I hate, which were making me dizzy and have headaches. I don't wear perfumes for a reason, so the only feasible way to get rid of them, was to go cloth.
  • 3) Poop stinks too. Aside from the diapers' own smell discussed above, once you dispose of it, you need to go all the way to the dumpster if you're planning on getting rid of the smell. Really, I never understood diaper genies, which on top of everything else, are expensive. My whole house was smelling so bad we needed to take the garbage out twice a day.
  • 4) I don't like giving free publicity to anybody. Plenty of the disposables around there have cartoon characters in front, and lately, in back too. None of them paid me to give them publicity on my little one. What happened to the plain white ones? oh yeah, they're biodegradable and overpriced (and even those got cartoons).
  • 5) I know SAP is FDA approved, I know nothing will happen to Tiny Guy if he wears disposables, he won't get butt cancer or grow a third cheek. But if, for whatever reason, I wait too much to change it, the diaper breaks apart, and the SAP gets everywhere, and little fingers can reach the gel and put it into their little mouthies, and that is dangerous. If you don't change a cloth diaper on time, you get cleanable pee and a soaked piece of cloth.
  • 6) My Big One is almost 3 and not a single sign of potty is in the horizon. Since he's used to being dry, he doesn't care about a heavy diaper. I don't want my Tiny One to be in the same situation and extend the diaper era until he's 4.
  • 7) As any other parent in the world, I want the best for my children. Due to monopolies, diapers have evolved way more in the cloth industry than in the disposable one. The best diapers out there are made to last, not to be thrown away after a single use and I want the best for him, period.

Well, there you have it. Feel free to add more weird reasons that are not savings or earth friendly related.

Lastly, my mom always told me: "When you were a baby, I used cloth because disposables were expensive, and they were a piece of crap, I had to use latex pants". I can imagine telling my big one: "when you were a baby, I used disposable because there was no other choice, and they were a piece of crap, they leaked on the back". But I won't say that to my Tiny One.

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